How to install chip for W1480W1490 series

How to install chip for W1480/W1490 series

Tools included

Scissor  Chip recycle drill  tweezers

1:Reset the chip recycle drill by rotating its handle counterclockwise until the drill is not in the red frame as shown.

2:Install the drill on where the toner chip is located as shown..

3:Make sure the drill is installed in place.

4:Rotate the handle of drill clockwise.

5:The chip will be pushed out of the chip slot.

6:Remove the chip.

7:Reset the chip recycle drill again and remove it from cartridge.

8:Use diagonal cutting pliers to cut off the residual plastic or glue,if necessary

9:Check the chip orientation to make sure it is correct,and then use the tweezers to place the bottom side of the chip into the chip slot at an angle

10:Press the upper side of the chip into the chip slot with the teweezers handle bar


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