TN229 Toner Cartridge Installation Guide

How to deal with the error message of “Non Brother Toner”? 

When the cartridge is first installed, the printer screen will display “Non  Brother Toner". Please click “Yes" for normal use. 

Note: If you click “No" mistakenly, it will be inoperative. You can restart and  select “Yes" on the following screen for a normal operation.

How to deal with the error message of “Cartridge Error” or “No Toner”? 

If the printer prompts “Cartridge Error" or “No Toner", please restall the  toner cartridges 1-3 times or restart the printer for normal use.

What if l experience a print quality issue? 

Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab  from left to right and right to left several times. (Be sure to return the tab  to the home position (▲). The arrow on the tab must be aligned with the  arrow on the drum unit. lf it is not, printed pages may have a vertical stripe.)


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