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Q&A comment
What is the warranty period of toner cartridge?
24 months

How to deal with the problems of powder leakage, broken plastic parts and noise inside the toner if the package is opened?

Please contact the customer service immediately. Don't put it in the printer to avoid damaging your printer.

We can't put the toner cartridges into the printer,Or the door can not be closed when putting the toner into the printer sucessfully?
  1. The product is not suitable for this type of printer

  2. The product protection cover is not removed

  3. The product isolation buckle is not taken out

  4. The printer itself is defective

  5. We produce the general version or the patent version. There will be little difference between its structure and the original version. There may be some interference in the installation process. Please try to install it more times or follow the instructions in the package.

The toner cartridge is not working properly

  1. No paper is put in

  2. No corresponding specification selected for paper

  3. Remove the toner box from the printer, check the contacts in the cartridge chip and printer, clean the chip and contacts with dry cloth or tissue if necessary, and then re-install.

Why is the color on the printed paper not exactly the same as that on the computer screen?

Various display drivers will produce slightly different color schemes, so the color displayed on the computer screen will always be slightly different from the printed output.

Will environmental factors affect the print quality of compatible toner cartridges?

For the best print quality, the best storage temperature of toner cartridge is 10-30 ℃ and humidity is 20-80%. If stored in high temperature or low temperature / humidity environment for a long time, the printing performance will be affected.