Replacement For Hp

Compatible for HP202X、HP410A、HP206X、HP206A、HP414A、HP410X、HP202A、HP414X
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Installation video

Troubleshooting video

Frequently Asked Questions

Toner cartridge leaking
Due to transportation, there may be slight toner residue on the product's protective cover. That's okay, please feel free to use it. If you encounter any problems with toner leakage during printing, kindly contact our support team. It's highly recommended that you also send us some photos if possible.

Printer error message:Non-HP supply installed

Just press the OK button to ignore the message and will not affect daily work.

Printer error message:Replace Toner/Toner Low/Toner Out/Toner Empty/Put the Toner Cartridge back in Cartridge Error

Kindly provide us with your order number, and our team will reach out to you within 24 hours to assist with the return or replacement process.

Printer error message:10.00.00、10.10.0X、10.0X.10、Supply memory  error、Incompatible supplies、Install supplies、No toner、Put the Toner Cartridge back in Cartridge Detect

It may be caused by the contact between the machine and the toner cartridge chip. We can attempt the following procedures:

  1. Take out the toner cartridge and check whether the chip contacts are blocked by foreign matter.

  2. Check whether the metal parts on both sides of the toner cartridge are blocked or dirty by foreign objects.

  3. Try to repeatedly drop the machine and open and close the machine door cover 2 to 3 times to solve the problem of poor induction.

Printer error message:Drum,Slide the green tab on the drum unit、Replce drum、Drum end soon

The life of the drum assembly that comes with the toner cartridge is about to end. The drum assembly needs to be replaced simultaneously for printing. Meanwhile, the drum assembly counting function of the printer needs to be manually reset and the information cleared. 

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