Troubleshooting video

How to solve Supply problem?

When the printer doesn't recognize compatible toner cartridge and shows 

error codes or messages like "10.00.00","10.10.0X","10.0X.10", "Supply 

memory error", "Incompatible supplies" or"Install supplies", here's what you

 can do.

First, check if there's anything blocking the chip on the toner cartridge.

Try turning the printer on and off a few times and reinserting the toner 

cartridge to help the printer sense it better.

If the problem persists, reach out to our customer service team for help.

Please note:

1、The "X" in the error codes stands for a number.

2、If you come across a supply problem error like 10.10.43 or 10.00.30

we recommend turning off both printer upgrades and toner box protection 

at the same time to prevent recognition issues caused by machine upgrades.


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